GIG Cameroon

Gold Investment Group Cameroon(GIG CAMEROON). is an unhedged gold producer and explorer with mining operations and exploration tenements in the Republic of Cameroon. We operate at world-class standards and are focused on the safety of our employees, respecting the environment, and contributing to the communities in which we operate.

GIG Cameroon began the exploitation of gold in September 2005 after completing the acquisition of Maroua Gold Miners LLC in August 2005. Maroua Gold Miners LLC was a Cameroonian publicly listed company previously but is now a private company. It is the 100% owner of Donga Gold Ltd, a Cameroon company that has been producing gold from the Donga operation since 2001.

The Batouri License

  • Batouri license is situated within the Paleo-Proterozoic and Neoproterozoic series which constitute the Pan-African north equatorial fold belt known as a result of a collision between the West African craton and the Congo craton.
  • The north equatorial fold belt is affected by the Central African Shear Zone system generally following a NE-SW trend, and along which syn- to post-tectonic granitoids plutons are common.
  • The auriferous zones within the granite are considered to be controlled by a major shear zone. The shear zone cuts through the granite resulting in the development of a gentle to steep foliation.
  • The gold bearing quartz veins are not concordant with the foliation, and often found within altered wall rock.
  • The Amndobi trench program outlined two systems of mineralization trending North-South: – A porphyry zone sheared, brecciated and stockwork-veined, which might represent a significant gold-enrichment porphyry style; – and vein breccia zones which appear to be the peripheral components of the main porphyry system.



Batouri town is 420km east of Yaoundé, the Country’s capital. It is a divisional capital with shops, hotels, and a hospital

  • It takes approximately 6 hours to drive to the project on tarmac and maintained laterite roads. Access within the license is by 4×4 tracks and forestry roads

The project has good mobile phone coverage, a dedicated satellite link for data and email, and three-phase electrical power