Cameroon is a country very rich in gold and buying gold from GIG Cameroon or from many other vendor is very simple. We have given a clear bars3explanation below on how to buy gold.

Before buying Gold from Cameroon you should know that every transaction is supervised by the Ministry of Mines Cameroon. Hence, you need to apply for the CEMAC Buyer’s Permit.

There have been a lot of tensions in the mining sector of the country. Local miners began extracting gold around Betare Oya in 2007. Three years later, the Chinese arrived. They say about 300 Chinese miners are now working in the area, far more than the 100 authorized by Cameroonian authorities.

The Chinese miners use Caterpillar tractors and equipment that clean stones and sift soil allowing them to detect gold faster than locals who use manual tools.

Angry locals have responded by slashing tires, vandalizing equipment and even beating some Chinese miners.  Dozens of the Chinese have fled for safety to neighboring towns and only visit to oversee their businesses.

There’s also the ever present problem of Local miners selling to foreign countries and concealing the exact amount of gold produced. Only 10% of the total gold produced is accounted for the remaining 90% goes to traffickers.

All this tensions and trafficking has led the government to start overseeing every gold transaction in the country. The government has gone as far as setting up gold monitoring units at the borders and airports.

Every person now looking to buy gold from Cameroon must be registered with the Ministry of Mines and must have a CEMAC Buyers permit. This permit is available online from the Ministry of Mines website. Please do not buy conflict gold, make sure the seller is registered with the Ministry of Mines and do not buy gold without a CEMAC Buyers permit.

If you buy gold without the CEMAC Buyers permit, the gold will be confiscated and your money lost. Go to the Ministry of Mines Cameroon and get your permit before you buy gold from Cameroon.

To get the CEMAC Buyers Permit, follow this link to the Ministry of Mines Cameroon . Download and Fill the Application Form then resend to the Ministry of Mines through Email.

Please Note the CEMAC Buyers Permit is not Free and there is a 2 years and a 5 year license.

After you get your CEMAC Buyer’s Permit, you can now go to our Order Page and buy gold at discounted rates.