Ministry of Mines Cameroon Officials

The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development was created by Decree No. 2011/410 of December 9, 2011 organizing the Government. It is a materialization of the President of the Republic’s will, to give a new impetus to the Cameroonian industry and its mining sector, two major arguments for the revival of economic growth in Cameroon.

Therefore the responsibilities of this sector include developing, implementing and evaluating the industrial and mining policy, strategizing for technological development and intellectual property, standardization and quality in the different sectors of the national economy. The successful implementation of such a policy is not dependant on the only competence and the unilateral will of the State, although it’s role remains crucial.

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The ambition of MINMIDT is to make its contributions to the emerging economy of Cameroon by artisan mining production engine of wealth, growth and jobs opportunity.

The Ministry of Mines Cameroon has the below mission :

Channeling mining products (gold sapphire, rutile, kyanite, quartzite, sand) in the formal circuit

     .Strengthening the gold reserves of Cameroon

     . Support, organization and management of artisan miners

      .Contribution to the improvement of geological and mining information

      .Contribution to the improvement of living standard of the population involved

    . Valorization and transformation of mining products

 Thanks to the technical know how in the domain of mines and geology ( a team of one hundred engineers  and well-trained staff in difference domains) with advanced equipment for exploration, evaluation ,geophysical, geological and geochemical survey, MINMIDT is willing to provide support and assistance to all mining operators.

Cameroon’s mining potential is known today, almost 40% is generally qualified as geological scandal as evidenced by the world class deposits discovery (iron ore, cobalt, nickel, manganes, rutile, diamond)

To this potential is added a political stability of the establishment of a legislative, regulatory and a competitive attraction framework, all assets that appeal to many national and international investors.


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